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Thank you

You now have an Encaustic Painting!

You're the new caretaker of this piece

Encaustic is a mix between natural beeswax and damar resin, a tree gum that works as a hardener. The wax used cures over the first 18 months after the painting is completed.


In the meantime, it can collect dust on the surface, so it’s a great idea to occasionally buff the painting with a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cleaning cloth used for cleaning electronic screens or sunglasses. Lay your painting flat and buff it with medium pressure or light pressure if there's heavy texture. Any dust and dirt will come right off. The surface will be shinier as well, particularly on areas which are darker. You can repeat this action every 3 or 4 months once it’s cured, if desired.

This piece won’t melt if it’s under 160ºF (70ºC). If your house or studio-office is above that temperature then please run and exit immediately. Kidding. It's not recommended to put your piece to prolonged direct sunlight or expose it to excessive heat or cold, as in a trunk of a car for example. Too much heat means it can soften the piece and it can slump and a exposure to below freezing temperatures can crack it. Encaustic is an organic material so think of it as an alive painting!

You can text me if you have any questions

Thank you so much and enjoy it!

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